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Fulfillment Policies

Payment and Service Start Date

The first payment in your recurring monthly payment plan is due within 1 week of your service start date. Payments are due monthly from thereon until the end of your Term. 

End of Term and Month To Month Cancellation Notice

Once your contract term expires, your payment will continue at the same rate month to month. You may cancel anytime with 30 days written notice. Please email for all termination notices after the end of your contract Term. 

Setup Fees

No setup fees are billed. Instead your payments are split into equal monthly amounts for your convenience and cashflow, however this does not entirely align with work completed; we do not charge setup fees, and our work is “front loaded” meaning we do more work upfront than the fees covered, thus the term of your agreement is mandatory component of your contract. 

Cancellations and Contract Termination

There are no provisions to terminate your agreement within the Term specified if the services are delivered as described within your contracts. You may submit a case for early termination to at any time and will be responded to within 10 business days if you feel the services you have received do not match what is outlined in your contract.


There are no refunds provided as your payments are for services rendered. Please see Cancellation and Contract Termination above for details. Refunds or payment plans may be provided on a case-by-case basis, please submit a support case to if you deem you’re entitled to such.

No Guarantee of Success

The contract is for services only and does not guarantee or imply results. Teknol will perform the services as outlined in your contract to the best of its ability based on experience and expertise in the field of digital marketing within the niche industry.

The policies outlined herein are subject to change. Please review your specific contract for complete details.