Use Viral Loops for Spreading the Word about your Business

If you want to reach out to loads of people in the shortest amount of time, then viral loops are just what you need. Launch a referral campaign that first engages customers to use more of your product and then encourages them to share it with their social contacts.

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Automated Template-based Viral Marketing

Invite Your Friends Min

Invite Your Friends

Now you can share information with several of your social connections on Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn with just one click.
Template Approach Min

Template Approach

Why reinvent the wheel each time you decide to run a campaign? Instead, you can use pre-built templates and set them up in a matter of minutes as per your custom requirements.
Tell A Story Min

Tell a Story

Get your audiences engaged by creating content that motivates them to participate and share. You could use quizzes, gamification, contests, or current news and tie with your product and services so that users are excited to visit more often.<br />
Use Incentives Min

Use Incentives

You could be generous and give away freebies, discounts, or contributions to social causes along with a great user experience so that users feel special and do their bit in spreading the word.

85% of a Brand’s Followers are Likely to Recommend it to Family or Friends if asked to do so

Now you can plug in viral campaigns into your e-commerce store to send regular updates to current users with the intent of adding new users each time through referrals.


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