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Now, you can delegate the entire social media management aspect of your business to a team that has just the right kind of skills and expertise required for creating an excellent social reputation that works wonders for your brand.

Social Media Management Services
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Retargeting Advertising


People who visit your site often do so out of curiosity to learn more about the products and services offered. Smart social media managers know that delayed or deferred buying decisions are often a great potential for conversions in the future. Running a retargeting campaign through Google or Facebook is a good way to remind people of your brand, especially when there are newer versions of products or improvements in services that need to be published.

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Event Marketing


Are you planning to host an online or in-person event and are looking to spread the word on social media? Facebook has a great event management tool for creating invites, preparing attendee lists, sending reminders, and generating the online buzz required for successfully promoting the event.

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Social Analytics


How many likes? How many Reviews? How many Comments? These are the kind of questions that our social media analyst will answer for you. However, as a business owner, the most important part is understanding how this social activity converts into customers.

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Online Reputation Building


Do you want your business to be known as a benchmark organization that others can admire? At Teknol, we take the responsibility of managing the reputation of your brand by building high-quality content along with daily monitoring of reviews and comments across all active online channels.

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