An Effective Marketing Campaign Cares for your Brand

We make sure that we deliver the right message to the right people through the right channels. Because we care, we take that extra effort to make every campaign special, sensitive, relevant, and reflective of the brand’s USPs.

Why use paid search techniques when we can also use free SEO services that can generate organic traffic in a more intelligent, natural way? Well for one, paid advertising is targeted and focused. As an advertiser, you can define your audience based on parameters such as geography, age group, social interests, education, and work profile. This way you know that your brand message is getting delivered to just the kind of people who are most likely to relate to it and therefore respond to it.

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Google Ads

We will work with you to first identify the most suitable keywords that prospects will use to search for your company. Once this is done, we want to make sure that the link to your website is out there on the search results page so that people don’t have to spend too much time getting to the landing page.

How do we do this? We run a Google AdWords campaign that will bring up a teaser about your business upfront in the search results. We pay only for the clicks that have reached the website, making this an easy and cost-effective way to generate online traffic, leads, and conversations.

We usually set up campaigns for a month and monitor them daily to improvise on the outcomes. At the end of the duration, we provide you detailed intelligence reports describing how well the campaign performed, thus ensuring a good ROI is achieved.

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Bing Ads

There are a lot of users who use Microsoft Bing instead of Google for doing their search. Running a Microsoft Ad Campaign is an easy way to reach out to these prospects and is much required since you may miss them entirely if you do only a Google campaign. 

How is this different from Google Ads?

  • Bing Ads are known to be as much as 70% cost-effective as compared to the Google version.
  • It allows for device targeting, so you can create focused campaigns only for mobile users to generate better results. 

Did you know that on average, for every dollar that is spent on Google Ads, the advertising company can make as much as 8 dollars.


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