On-Demand Fractional CMO Services for Independent, Unbiased Marketing

Many startups and high growth organizations hire a fractional CMO to execute their go to market strategies. Such a person brings to the table cost-effective professional leadership that follows industry best practices and takes ownership of the outcomes.

Fractional Cmo Services

Drive Home Better Results with an Outsourced CMO

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Rapid Execution

For companies looking to grow fast, a fractional CMO can remain focused on creating new business opportunities and not get caught up in day-to-day operational issues.
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KPI based Reporting

Use a minimal set of analytics that ensure your marketing initiatives are on track and ready to be presented to management as and when required.
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Industry-Specific Expertise

Some products require industry domain specialists who understand the product and carve the best go-to-market route for taking it to the consumers.
Vendor Management Min

Vendor Management

Finding the right vendors and tools to collaborate with them can also be handled by the fractional CMO.

A Fractional CMO Collaborates Directly with the Business Owner

Get valuable outsider perspective and honest feedback on the products and services offered.


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At Teknol, we provide Fractional CMO’s that have a deep understanding of the Jewelry, Luxury, Professionals, B2B, E-Commerce, and Education industries.

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