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Announcement: Please do this before the upcoming Google update

Google recently announced that the Google Page Experience update would be delayed.

However, as you are aware, you do not want to wait for Google to release an algorithm update before addressing the issues, as you may lose traffic if something goes wrong.

Step 1: Read this…

Get to know more about the Google Page Experience update.

Even though they are focusing on mobile, you can eventually expect them to ensure that websites are providing the best experience to searchers whether they are using a mobile, desktop, or even tablet device.

So we would recommend that you again, read more about Page Experience and follow the steps.

Step #2: Fix these errors in the Search Console

If you haven’t, go and create a Google Search Console account.

Once you create your account, it may take some time for data to populate.

And once data populates, you’ll see a report that looks something like this:

Google Algorithm Update

In the left-hand navigation, I want you to click on “Core Web Vitals”.

Google Algorithm Update

And then you will get an overview of any URLs on your site that have issues on both

Google Algorithm Update

Click on “open report” next to the mobile heading.

Google Algorithm Update

You’ll want to fix all of the errors.

You’ll also want to do the same for desktop errors and fix them as well.

Google Algorithm Update

Now if you don’t know what words like “LCP” or “CLS” mean, no worries. You can get an explanation from Google themself, so that way you can fix them.

Step #3: Don’t forget to run a site audit

Once you put in your URL and click “Analyze Website” it may take a few minutes to load.

But once it does, you’ll see an overview of your site that looks like this:

Google Algorithm Update

You’ll want to fix your “critical errors” which are towards the top of the report, as well as go over your “top SEO issues”  which are at the bottom of your report.

Make sure you try and fix each and every single one, SEO has changed over the years where it’s turned into a game of every little thing really adds up.


Don`t wait for Google to roll out their update to see what happens to your website.

Unlike most updates, Google is giving you a chance to fix your issues BEFORE they roll out the algorithm.

So, do yourself a favor and fix them.

This way you won’t have to worry about your traffic declining.

Are you ready for the update?

PS: if you want Teknol to help you with your SEO and handle dealing with Google’s ongoing algorithm changes, go here.

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Local SEO: Winning Top Google Search Rankings For Your Business

Creating and maintaining up-to-date business listings across the web is a critical component of an effective local SEO strategy. Listings are a highly valued ranking factor which means the more places you’re listed, the more search engines trust the accuracy of your company data—boosting your chances of ranking well in local searches.

By the end of this guide, you’ll have a firm understanding of how to optimize your business listings to increase online discoverability and reach more consumers.

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How Your Website Can Be An Effective Lead Generation Tool

With all the digital marketing tools available to businesses today, it’s easy to get overwhelmed in the effort to choose the right solution for lead generation. But, as with any undertaking, it’s always best to start by building a solid foundation.

In this case, we’re talking about your website. Ready to dive in? Let’s go!

How to Turn Your Website Into a Lead Generation Machine

Lead generation today is not as easy as putting a few well-placed CTAs on your home page (although those are important too).

Here are a few actionable tips you can use today to pump up your website’s lead generation results.

  1. Improve Your User Experience. Your website’s design is ground zero for all interactions. If the user experience is cumbersome, if your page load time is slow or users can’t find what they are looking for immediately, you risk losing them quickly. In best practice, your website should feature:
    • Clean design
    • Simplified top navigation
    • Responsive design (mobile-friendly)
    • Lots of useful, relevant content
  1. Stockpile Awesome Content. No lead generation effort is complete without a solid content strategy. No matter what industry you operate in, if you’re selling something, your potential customers appreciate authority. Ask yourself what problems they are trying to solve. Create content around those needs and offer it in the form of blogs, white papers, tip sheets, checklists, and ebooks. Some content, like blogs, you will make available for free. Others, like ebooks and white papers, can be offered in exchange for their email or contact information.
  1. Promote Your Content. There are many ways to promote a piece of content you have created, some organic, some paid. Promoting your content extends the value of your efforts and helps you reach a wider audience. For example, say you post a blog on your website. Promote it on your social channels, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, to drive traffic back to your website and extend your reach. Ultimately, you are looking to create chatter around the topic (and therefore about your brand) through engagement such as comments, likes, and shares.Other ways you can promote your content include:
    • Sponsored or boosted social posts
    • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising
    • Retargeting/remarketing
    • Guest posts on other websites
  1. Simplify Your Contact Forms. When your site visitors take the leap to offer their contact info, the last thing you want to do is make the process difficult. Your contact forms should be simple and cleanly designed and contain as few fields as possible. Place these forms alongside downloadable content, strategically placed on your homepage, contact page, and accompanying any blog post.
  2. Optimize Your Landing Pages. Optimized landing pages are an essential component in the effort to generate leads. Landing pages are the destination when a prospective customer clicks on your ad. A well-designed landing page sticks to the point, minimizes distractions, and provides clear next-steps for the user to take. As always, the easier and more intuitive you make it, the more effective your efforts will be.

Final Thoughts

Lead generation is a daily effort, but if you focus on methods that get results, your funnel will always be full. Reach out today to learn more about how we can help you improve lead generation through website optimization.

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How Organic Search Can Get your Business Ahead of the Line

A lot of websites are relying heavily on traffic generated from social media platforms. Why? Because this is the trend, and it is one of the easiest ways to reach people faster. But, what many online businesses do not understand is that people are getting smarter and smarter each day, such that when they find relevant solutions to what they are looking for, it translates to positive user experience. When you look at social media, sure it generates heavy traffic, but, are you targeting the relevant audience? No. It will promote and promote to all without really ensuring it gets to the clients you are going after. You end up spending much money when you can be saving much of it when you know what Organic Search can do for your business.

Organic Search Still Targets Relevant Keywords

When a user turns to google to search for products or services, he/she is expecting the right answer to his/her queries. This is where Organic Search becomes useful. Users visit your website because the search engine’s organic results directed them to your site. This happens when users are looking for specific information, and the keywords they used have a very specific intent. Through organic search, your website has been identified to contain a possible solution to the user’s intent.

The traffic generated from Organic Search is targeted; therefore, if you can provide a solution to a specific problem or answer their question sufficiently, you are more likely to get good feedback. You can make a client out of them if you are the business they are looking for.


Organic Search is After Relevant Content

Organic Search can get you ahead only if you make sure you have relevant content. You have to take the time to study what people are looking for in relation to the service or product you are providing. Supporting your paid marketing with Organic Search will surely boost you forward and ahead of your competitors.


Organic Search is very Useful for Startups.

If you are into the initial stage of operating your business, study the general population’s problem so you can find a solution to that problem. While many are investing heavily in paid advertisement when starting a business, you also have to double time engaging with your clients to really know what they need. Understanding your market allows you to provide the right solutions to possible clients who will likely convert if they have found your business to be reliable.


So What do Startups Need to Work on?

  • Content. More specifically, relevant content. You need to start creating posts and articles that are really engaging and are really providing solutions.
  • Page Speed. Improve your page speed because users really do not have all the time to linger and wait for search results all day.
  • Build Page Authority. Create fresh contents that are reliable and have a good command of language that can direct users on what they need to do.
  • Use Quality Media. High-quality media are very important because a visually appealing site also helps engage readers to continue reading. Images should have a clear connection to what a post is trying to convey.

There are still a lot of techniques that you can use to make sure Organic Search targets your website. Take time to study the trending SEO techniques so you can use them. Generally, it all boils down to how your content helps people get the answers they need.

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